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November 9th, 2015



Diversion…Are you being robbed?



More and more people are coming to understand that professional hair care products are truly worth the investment!  However, in the quest for a seemingly better bargain, many are leaving the salon after their sessions and are looking to save money by purchasing the recommended products at a major department store, supermarket, drug store, or discount venue.  Yes, you will find some professional product labels in those arenas…but there is a problem.  This is what we call diversion.

These stores are not authorized distributors of these products.  Often, what you are purchasing in these places are products which are expired, counterfeit, or simply not of the same quality.  Much has been written on this subject, as a simple internet search on the topic will quickly reveal. The bottom line:  You may think you are getting a deal, but you may be purchasing inferior product or actually paying more.

It is important to purchase your hair care products from your salon.  This way you are ensuring the quality of the product.  I know what many of you may be saying at this point… “The only reason you are saying this is because you want to make money, you want to keep the client’s money in the salon and not in a larger retail store.”  My answer: “You are absolutely right!  We do want to make money.”   But, lest you think that this is just a money making ploy, let me share some interesting findings with you.

Last week I decided to take a little field trip to a local supermarket that was displaying a considerable amount of Redken Haircare Products. What I found was surprising, even to me. In addition to the fact that these products are likely inferior in quality, compared to what you will obtain in the salon…they were also considerably more expensive. I will lay out my findings here and let the numbers speak for themselves:

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo:

Our Price- $16.78     Harris Teeter- $21.99

Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner:

Our Price- $17.74     Harris Teeter- $22.99

Redken Extreme Shampoo:

Our Price- $14.50     Harris Teeter- $18.99

Redken Extreme Conditioner:

Our Price- $15.50     Harris Teeter- $19.99

Redken Rough Paste Styling Product:

Our Price- $18.00     Harris Teeter- $21.99

Redken Hardwear Styling Gel:

Our Price- $16.00     Harris Teeter- $19.99

Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery:

Our Price- $17.00     Harris Teeter- $20.99

That’s a considerable difference in price…and I could have gone on from there. Also, many people like to shop for products at Ulta, feeling they can get a better deal.

Head to Toe matches Ulta’s prices and honors their coupons.  I think this is an incredible service to offer our guests…we are offering competitive pricing for the highest quality products. Another thing to consider is that purchasing your products at Head to Toe helps your stylist in their professional advancement!

Furthermore, we offer incredible specials and promotions. For example, we are currently running a promotion on our haircare retail products, giving our clients a chance to win a piece of diamond jewelry through Kingoff’s Jewelers. We have already had two winners and will be selecting another in the months to come.

Come see us at Head to Toe Day Spa & Salon.  We have an impressive selection of retail with competitive pricing! You will be ensured that you are not purchasing inferior, diverted products. You will save money. You will help your stylist succeed and advance in their career.  And, you will have a chance to win a piece of diamond jewelry for yourself or a loved one….When you put it like that, it’s really a no brainer!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Head to Toe Day Spa & Salon is a full-service spa and salon, offering exceptional service to the people of the Wilmington area.  Voted the best spa in Wilmington for three years running.  We are located at 1970 Eastwood Road, Wilmington, NC 28403. 919.256.3370

Blog written by Joseph Styron, Hairdresser at Head to Toe Day Spa and Salon