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Stylist attend 2013 Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ricky Bell, Lindsay Webb, Meg Alexander and Denise Albea attended the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas. Learning new techniques, new product releases and special occasion styles they bring them back to the salon. Schedule an appointment today to see what's new in the world of hair styling.

Pink Ribbon Day February 24th


Valentine's Gift Certificates Available

Skin Deep Cosmeceuticals SALE:

Buy a 4oz Elagic Ultra Moisturizer and get a Hyaluronic Acid 1/2 Price


Extended Event- January 15th

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New from Head to Toe Dayspa. We will be using text and email to confirm your appointments. Please let the front desk know upon arrival which method you prefer and be sure to update your information in our system. Be sure to include your birthday, anniversary, cell phone and email address. We will  begin new marketing in 2013 and look forward to making your special events even more special!!



Esthetics Department 

Posted by Denise: November 2012

Our Esthetics department has just returned from a seminar learning different techniques for PCA Peels. Winter is the best time to take advantage of these peels for face and body. PCA peels are availbale for a variety of treatments from aging, blackheads, fine lines, acne,rosacea, and more. Packages available 4/$199.00. Call for more information.



Lawrence has Magic Hands

Posted by: Katie

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While my parents were in town, I scheduled a family spa day.  My Mom was quite excited about this.  I had her scheduled for a Facial and a mini-pedi.  I scheduled massages for my Dad and me.  Neither of us had ever had a massage.  I was VERY excited.  He was VERY skeptical.  Neither of us relax very well.

I Got Lawrence

They scheduled my Swedish massage with Lawrence.  He's been doing this for about eight years, and it DEFINITELY shows.  At the beginning of the massage, I was lying face-down on the comfy table, and I said, through the bottom opening of the head rest, "Now, I'm going to need to ask you questions about this so I can blog about it."  He said "But, if you do that, you won't relax."After about five minutes, I believe that I sub-consciously decided "blog-schmog" because I stopped talking and started relaxing.  That Lawrence, he's good!

The Healing Power of Massage

I'm totally NOT going to launch into some new-age guru talk about the healing powers of touch.  Quite frankly, I don't know enough about that to authoritatively discuss it.  HOWEVER, I can say that massages should be MANDATORY during parental visits!  Nothing dials down the anxiety faster than knowing I'm in a closed, private room with lovely, soothing music playing, a pleasant scented candle burning, and that my parents are similarly in closed rooms, effectively being held hostage (in a good way) by their technicians.  I.e.  THEY CAN'T GET TO ME for at least one hour.  Bliss. . . 

However, there is more to my enjoyment of the massage than having peace and quiet for an hour.  Anyone who is old enough to read this and/or old enough to schedule and pay for a massage will completely understand what I'm saying here.  Or, at least, you will after you have your first massage:

It is nice to be kneaded and/or touched without EXPECTATION of anything other than a monetary tip.  GET MY DRIFT?  It was so much more relaxing.  Certainly, I love a nice hug from my husband.  ESPECIALLY if that hug doesn't get all grabby.   Which is rare.  Hence, my enjoyment of the massage. 

There are health benefits associated with the massage: improved circulation, de-toxification, relaxation.  Those are all good reasons to get one, too. 

What to Expect During your Massage

I had the Swedish massage, which is a nice, relaxing option for beginners.  I don't have any particular problem areas, to my knowledge, so Lawrence gave me a good once-over.  He said he did sense a bit of tension in my shoulders, like, they were up at my ears, which isn't ideal.  Probably because I am a writer, and I sit, hunched over my keyboard, pecking away for hours at a time.  Here's how the whole thing went, if you are curious about what happens. 

  • I filled out a checklist notifying them of any ailments I have.  (None that I'm aware.)
  • Lawrence greeted me in the lobby.
  • He took me back to the treatment room and chatted with me, again to see if there were any areas that I would like him to focus around, or stay away from.
  • Then, he left, and I got undressed, except for my undies, and got under the sheet.
  • He came back in and started the massage.
  • The massage involved kneading, pulling, and gripping certain areas.  (Sounds naughty, but it isn't.)  Also lots of nice hot towels in different areas. 
The entire time, I felt very relaxed and comfortable.  I never felt weird.  When I was finished, I wanted to curl up and nap for hours and hours. 

After the massage was finished, I said to Lawrence, "Your clients must LOVE you."  He smiled and blushed. And then told me to relax and left the room.   

Massage for Everyone!

I would dearly love to make this a monthly habit.  My verdict re: massages is that everyone can benefit from them.  They are healthy, relaxing, and stimulating all at the same time.  

Brazilian Blowout, our new service!

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The ONLY professional smoothing treatment that improves the health of your hair. Without any damage!  Leaves hair smooth and frizz free without any harsh chemicals.  Formaldehyde free!  Results last up to 12 weeks and entire treatment is complete in just 90 minutes!  Acai aftercare products are included in the price to ensure longest lasting results!!

Come try it out!  Becky Drechsel, Lindsay Webb, Courtney Schardt, Luke Cowan, and Kara Ruttman are the salon stylist's that are qualified, so ask for them!!!

Shellac, the NEW nail service is here!

The world nail crisis is over! Shellac combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color.  14 days of glorious, high-gloss shine!!! Try it out for only $10, on sale through August!

Getting a Facial for the First Time

Posted by: Katie

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I was a facial newbie until yesterday.  (I could put it in different terms, but this is a family-friendly blog!)  Anyhoo, the eyebrow waxing was such a BIG EVENT that I couldn't cover all of the wonderfulness that a facial is in the same post.  It is the day after the brows and I'm feeling good!  But, on to the facial.  This post will be "Mythbusters: Facial style."  Guys, you totally know what I'm talking about.  Gals-this is why you can't get the TV remote on Wednesday nights.  Your men are BUSY watching the Discovery Channel.  Here we go. . .

Myth One:  Facials Hurt  BUSTED!

I always thought that getting a facial would be painful.  That is something I probably made up in my head for a reason not to get hooked on facials, which I am now.  They don't hurt a bit!  While "extraction" sounds like a scary word, it is more like a mosquito bite without the residual itch, which is to say, practically non-existent. I found my facial to be relaxing, soothing, refreshing, and made me glow all over.  It didn't hurt a bit!

Myth Two:  Your Face Must have a Problem to get a Facial   WRONG!

I thought facials were for people with really bad skin, had spent too much time in the sun, were wearing more wrinkles than they wanted, or had a lot of free time on their hands.  NOT SO MUCH!  As Marla said while I was lying there being pampered, a facial is good for all of those things, and it can really help your skin if you have issues, but first and foremost, facials are an excellent way to relax while doing something nice for yourself.  

I've mostly made a habit of getting pedicures at the Spa-that's the one treatment I frequently got before working with Head to Toe.  (Pedicure post soon!)  While I always found those to be relaxing, most pedicures take place in a nail salon, which has people around.  I'm ok with that, because I like to chat.  However, for relaxing, the soothing, candle-lit, room with soft music playing can't be beat.  I forgot to turn of my cell phone and I got a text.  Marla promptly found my phone, turned it off, and then, NOBODY COULD FIND ME.  It was PURE relaxation.  Forget about what it did to my face, I was content to lie on the comfy bed and not worry about work. 

Myth Three:  Facials just make you feel good   NOPE!

Sure, they do make you feel good, or else people wouldn't get them.  Why would you get a treatment that made you feel bad about yourself?  (Though, I confess to having pore freak-out when Marla handed me the magnifying mirror, because I don't look in those frequently!)  After the facial, I can say, without bias, that I was POSITIVELY GLOWING!  My face looked new!  That was awesome.  However, there's a lot more to facials than just looking good. 

Facials clean out your pores, make your skin healthier, remove dead skin, tone, brighten, etc.  Facials can help people with acne problems, or other skin issues.  They are part of good skin care. 

Myth Four:  Your Technician will just rub a mask on you and you could do that at home.  SORRY, but NO

When I walked into the treatment room, I noticed a shocking array of bottles and lights and implements and such.  But, I immediately forgot about that because I was supposed to get partially undressed and put on this robe-thingy, and I had never done that before except at the doctor, so that was NEW.  Anyway. . . 

Marla, and all of the Head to Toe technicians are trained in all elements of skin care and more, they have licenses, are required to take continuing education classes, and approach your skin as a clinician.  In addition to the various treatments (they use Skin Deep Cosmeceuticals in all of their treatments-which are, as of this writing, on sale at the Spa!) they evaluate your skin, extract clogged pores, massage your face, neck and shoulders, and can provide a variety of extra treatments for that added punch. 

You can add:

Vitamin C Treatment masks:  to reduce fine lines, restore elasticity, firmness and hydration

Glow treatment: to polish, exfoliate and remove impurities

LED light treatment:  to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness and stimulate collagen production

Microdermabrasion treatment: to improve thick, oily skin, and diminish scars and discoloration

Eye-Firming Mask: to hydrate and soften fine lines around the eye

Waxing:  Read about that in the previous post

Tinting:  to enhance your natural color

I didn't have time for those, but I WILL be back!


Final Verdict:  The facial was DELIGHTFUL. It was relaxing, definitely enhanced my skin, and the day after, I still feel "new and improved."  This treatment is perfect for pretty much everyone!  Go to relax away from everything.  Go to get your skin polished and buffed.  Go if you need help with oily, dry, sun-damaged or acne prone skin.  Just GO!  You will definitely be glad you did!


Head to Toe Day Spa Starts Blogging!

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Check back often for pictures, specials and general happenings around the spa.  We'll be publishing our contest winners, internet-only specials and more. 

Would you like to be featured on the Head to Toe Day Spa and Salon Blog?  Email with a picture and a testimonial.  We'd love to feature you!